2024 Bexar County Democratic Primaries Voting Guide

United States President

I don't really go in for polls but it doesn't seem worth my time to research against the incumbent.

United States Senator

  1. Colin Allred
    Expand affordable care act. Wants to protect reproductive rights but doesn't say how. "Colin knows we can respect the 2nd Amendment while taking common-sense steps to protect our kids and save lives" Expand renewables. "Political attacks targeting LGBTQ+ Texans are shameful and are attacks on the fundamental right to live free from discrimination. These attacks are particularly harmful to transgender kids and their families who just want to live their lives free from interference and intimidation." Allred for Senate

  2. Steven J. Keough
    Honestly in terms of old dudes Keough seems alright. "Abortion health care, and all reproductive medical procedures, is health care." Keough for Senate "Man-made climate change is primarily driven by the oil and gas industry and related industries. The solutions proposed to date are inadequate to stop the extensive damage to our environment that is happening daily." Keough for Senate "Despite existing legal protections, individuals who are LGBTQI, or are perceived to be LGBTQI, continue to be subjected to a pattern of persistent, widespread, and pervasive discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity..." Keough for Senate although it then goes on to talk about jury selection??

  3. Heli Rodriguez Prilliman
    Advocates for Medicare for All. "I don’t support any of the anti-trans bills, the removal of gender affirming care, the attacks on bodily autonomy and reproductive rights, the removal of LGBTQ+ books and history, etc." "continue to invest in solar, wind, nuclear, and other renewables." Heli for Texas

  4. Mark Gonzalez
    "Gonzalez was among five district attorneys in Texas who vowed last year not to pursue abortion-related criminal charges if Roe v. Wade was overturned. He previously promised not to prosecute families for receiving gender-affirming care for transgender minors." Texas Tribune Although Gonzalez "opposes any effort to take away people’s guns" MSN

  5. Roland Gutierrez
    Website doesn't say anything about the queers. Otherwise pretty moderate stances. Wants to codify reproductive rights. Roland for Texas In discussions of drug cartels, "send in the DEA ... send in the special forces like we did in Colombia." Texas Tribune which is suspect.

  6. Thierry Tchenko
    Tchenko's immigration page simultaneously suggests we value immigrants but deport them for shoplifting. "Supports local and state law enforcement agencies in establishing clear guidelines that help agencies focus on the most dangerous populations that commit violent crimes while encouraging rehabilitative practices for non-violent offenders" from Criminal Justice Reform smacks of war on drugs superpredator philosophy. "advocacy for life in the womb" Pro-Choice? Yes. Pro-Life? Also, Yes.

Candidates I feel unqualified to rank

Meri Gomez
Unclear. Dallas News

A. "Robert" Hassan
No campaign to speak of.

Carl Oscar Sherman
Website is light on details and doesn't mention LGBT issues. Sherman for Senate

Railroad Commissioner

  1. Katherine Culbert
    Has more of a focus on the environment. Katherine 4 Texas

  2. Bill Burch
    Pro union and "committed to strengthening whistleblower protections" Burch for TRRC

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2

  1. DaSean for Texas

  2. Randy for Judge

I'm inclined to select Judge DaSean given his stance "I am proud of my approach to cash bond. I do my best to ensure all non-violent, victimless cases get a bond that will quickly grant their freedom from confinement. I then look at my non-violent victim cases and reasonably so the same. Then I look at my violent crimes and based upon several factors; I do the same as before." - VoyageHouston While you can claim that this stance has caused issues I feel that it is instead a show of faith in an otherwise terrible justice system. "We have come to a point in this Country where people are beginning to better understand that an arrest alone is not a conviction. Which means we don’t apply the lynch mob mentality to cases and allow men and women, no matter their financial status, to await trial without detention. Again these people are solely facing allegations and have not been convicted of anything."

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6

  1. Bonnie Lee Goldstein
  2. Joe Pool Pool concerns himself primarily with deriding judicial activism when we all know judicial activism is cool and based.

Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 2

  1. Beth Watkins Despite the hateful comportment of Watkins' campaign I cannot seem to find any reason why she should not continue in her role.
  2. Velia J. Meza Meza on the other hand appears to have been subtweeting Judge DaSean Jones in this article.

District Judge, 73rd Judicial District

  1. Elizabeth Martinez Martinez's experience with the Bexar County Domestic Relations Office seems meaningful in a court that primarily concerns iteself with family law.

Ana Laura Ramirez
Dannick Villaseñor-Hernandez


  1. Javier Salazar Salazar pays at least lip service to the idea that the police need to be held accountable.
  2. Sharon Rodriguez

County Tax Assessor-Collector

  1. Albert Uresti Uresti seems to be fine in this role.
  2. H. Merhi

County Chair

  1. Monica Ramirez Alcantara Failing a more meaningful data point Alcantara has the BCYD endorsement, I figure that's important.
  2. Sandragrace Martinez