[DRAFT] Puberty Blockers DIY or It's Easy and Safe to Save Trans Kid Lives

This guide exists to direct Americans, whether they be a trans or gender diverse youth or the ally of a trans or gender diverse youth, to medical resources and gendering affirming care.

In 2023, bills such as Texas' Senate Bill 14 and Florida's Senate Bill 254, have been enacted to prevent access to gender affirming care for trans youth. This legislation kills trans kids. There is, however, a way to stem the bleeding, puberty blockers are remarkably safe and a robust network of do it yourself hormone replacement therapy resources exists and can be adapted to support trans youths.

The findings of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) recommend puberty blockers as a means to let trans youth explore transition without the simultaneous burden and dysphoria of undergoing traditional puberty.

The guide is as follows, read the WPATH standards of care and attain puberty blockers or other care as appropriate.

Do Nots: Do not take this guide as legal or medical advice. Do not put yourself or others in danger.